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Tammy is very understanding and gentle. My mom enjoyed her treatments very much and oftentimes felt so relaxed she fell asleep. She took the time to explain the process to us and understand my mom’s physical illnesses. My mom had her treatments at home so we did have to pay a mobile feel which did add up quickly, but Red Leaf Wellness is one of the very few places that offer Acupuncture at home. So if you can afford it, I highly recommend this company.

Nadia S (via Yelp)

Tammy is amazing! I injured my neck when in Edmonton visiting family, and she came to my rescue. She knew I had a 12 hour drive the next day, and she took the time to do a thorough treatment, and I felt so much better. She is a wonderful, caring professional, and I highly recommend her.

Kyli Sarah (via Facebook)

Great place – very welcoming, calm and peaceful. Tammy is professional, friendly, attentive and caring. She takes the time to understand your health history and focuses on overall health. I was worried about the needles but honestly speaking, had I known it’s was going to be so easy and pleasant with the benefits to follow, I would have gone for acupuncture years back. Tammy made sure I was ready for the procedure. I actually was so relaxed that I dozed off and Tammy had to wake me up after the procedure. I would highly recommend Tammy. She is the best.

Fahmida M (via Yelp)

Tammy is a lovely, down to earth, professional, so easy to talk to, and super helpful person!!! Most of us think of acupuncture for help with pain, like a back injury. Tammy can do that, of course. What she can also do , though, is take care of those elusive/ intangible issues such as hormonal changes and hot flashes. I can’t tell you how she has saved me from the suffering and how thankful I am!!! I used to be so uncomfortable (only those in the ‘know’ understand the level of discomfort) but now I can wear my winter coat in a room full of people and am still comfortable!! My energy level is back, and I FEEL so good on the inside. I can actually feel the difference. I have no hesitation recommending Tammy and Red Leaf Wellness to anyone for any issue and I do, in fact, tell anyone I can about the amazing work she has done and how she has helped me! 100%

Heather Bioletti (via Google My Business)

With just a couple of acupuncture treatments from Tammy, my decades old shoulder and back pain is all but gone. I was a bit apprehensive about needles and acupuncture, but Tammy made me feel very comfortable and I int feel a thing. I highly recommend giving it a try for pain.

Amanda W (via Yelp)

Dr. Gaudet is fantastic to deal with. She is very professional, knowledgeable, kind and honest about my treatment . I am so happy to have found her! The clinic is beautiful and calming and I can’t wait for my next appointment.

Shauna Dobson (via Google My Business)

My treatments with Tammy have been wonderful!!! Went in for lower back pain and in the process I also have relief from my plantar fasciitis… BONUS!! I wish I could go every day! Tammy knows her stuff and always answers any questions I have! I highly recommend Red Leaf Wellness and will definitely look forward to regular “tune ups”

Linda Robson (via Google My Business)

Incredible experience, very informative treatment!

Name withheld (via Square)

I hurt my lower back last night and if this has happened to you, you know how painful it is.  It was after work and I called Tammy telling her how much in pain I was in, she was a sweetheart and a savior and was willing to see me in the evening!  She did a full, complete consultation and I left feeling a 7 in pain to a 3. Thank you so much Tammy for helping me and checking in on me!! If you guys are looking for a warm, conscious acupuncturist, Tammy is the one for you!

Candice P (via Yelp)

I am not a fan of needles in general. But when I pinched a nerve in my low back two weeks ago nothing was helping and I was desperate for some relief. Tammy worked on me twice and by the second treatment I had improved 80% in both pain levels and range of motion. She was gentle with the needle insertion and worked hard to make sure I was comfortable. Her clinic space was also very calming! I would highly recommend her services to anyone suffering from nerve impingement or any other ailment. Tammy is a knowledgeable and competent practioner.

Erica D (via Yelp)

I’ve been seeing Tammy at Red Leaf since August, after years of struggling with chronic lower back, knee and ankle pains. My pain has been almost non- existent in my back since the second visit.
Tammy covers all aspects which could affect my pains, and then more! She’s a wonderful lady and made my first acupuncture experience (i was quite nervous) a pleasant and comfortable one!

Chelsea Kempinski (via Google My Business)

I found Tammy (Red Leaf Wellness) after searching for an acupuncturist online and quickly realized that her practice is right in my neighbourhood. I planned my first treatment and have been going ever since, and most importantly benefiting tremendously. Knowledgeable, caring and very gentle and precise with the acupuncture needles, she is a positive smart practitioner with lots of heart!

Susan Cline (via Google My Business)

Sherry saved me. She was courteous, professional and effective. In 3 months i went from collapsing in pain to completely rehabilitated. Thank you Sherry

Skayfish (via Google My Business)

Wow! I can’t express how happy I am with the service. Awesome, calm atmosphere; very relaxing.

I was looking down a scary medical path, that may of included a feeding tube. My first treatment I felt instant relief.

I am so impressed and would recommend this to anyone

Peanut Butter (via Google My Business)

I was booked for an induction at 8:30 in the morning and desperate for any option to avoid this procedure, I contacted Tammy via video conference at 22:00. She patiently and impressively walked my man and I through acupressure points to try to break my waters… SERIOUSLY, I got off the couch after 1/2 hour of intense acupressure and MY WATER BROKE! I have tingles even remembering this process… AMAZING. IT WORKS!
I thank Tammy in my heart everyday for giving me the final option that I needed…
I had a wonderful labor to follow and birthed a beautiful baby girl. Tula Rose- she is a dream.
Could not have had any better than Tammy through this… she is a true and spectacular professional.
Thank you… thank you.

Leanne M (via Yelp)

I highly recommend Tammy for acupuncture. She is very professional and caring. Tammy took the time to understand my issues and quickly put me at ease. The treatments have been very helpful.

Ellen Salter (via Google My Business)

I cannot rave more about Tammy and the treatments she gave me. I suffer from a few ailments including severe neck pain from being hit by a drunk drive. The intense neck pain was gone after my first treatment. I am impressed that she incorporates both Eastern and Western medicine in her practice. She took a thorough medical history from me, reviewed my medications, diet, labs, etc. Before each visit she checked in with me reviewing each of my issues.

Her clinic is pristine and so comfortable and inviting. The atmosphere promotes total relaxation.

You will be so grateful for any treatments you book with Tammy!

Janice Y (via Yelp)

My husband and I have been going to Red Leaf Wellness for 3 months now. We have nothing but good things to say about this place, and would recommend to everyone. We have been seeing both Tammy and Melanie and already feel a huge improvement in our health and back pain. Tammy and Melanie are both amazing people, knowledgeable, so down to earth, and easy to talk to. Red Leaf Wellness is an awesome place and all the staff are so friendly. We look forward to our continued treatment.

Nalini Pillay (via google My Business)

I am so impressed with the level of sensitivity and knowledge Sherry has provided me so far in my quest for a healthier me. She very quickly helped me prioritize the steps I needed to meet my goals. I felt an immediate change after the first session. I am so excited to have found Sherry and look forward to continuing my treatments and maintaining a truly healthy balanced life.

Aili Mattar (via Facebook)

I have been seeing Melanie, and my quality of life has completely changed. From stress, to digestion to knots in my shoulders she helps with all! At this point I am convinced there is no ailment that she cannot fix! Melanie always checks in, and caters to how I am feeling each visit. I had tried acupuncture before, but Red Leaf Wellness is by far the best experience I have ever had. Location is also great, walking distance for me, and easy and available street parking for others.

Vanessa Barbe (via Google My Business)

I came to Tammy exhausted, stressed, and frustrated that several medical tests showed no issues. I was initially skeptical of some of the suggested treatment advice, but am glad I stuck it out.  I am still a long way from feeling ideal, but light years away from where I was a few months ago.

Carolyn Z (via Yelp)

Very convenient appointments and billing. Genuinely interested in helping you get healthy. Tammy doesn’t push sales and was happy to discharge me after several months and huge improvement in health. Best thing I’ve done this year.

K.M. Murphy (via Google My Business)

I came to Red Leaf Wellness with a four-month history of quad and knee pain. Active release treatment from a chiropractor was unsuccessful in treating my quad and knee pain. Tammy took a thorough history and using acupuncture, acupressure and natural herbal remedies had me pain free in approximately six weeks . Tammy is knowledgeable, professional and a very caring person. I am very fortunate to have found such a wonderful practitioner. Without her help I probably would have had to get steroid injections to reduce the significant pain and inflammation that I was experiencing every day. I highly recommend Tammy!

Kathy Lynn (via Google My Business)

I initially went to Red Leaf Wellness because I had read a book that had recommended functional medicine. I was dealing with basically an inability to eat,due to pain. I learned a lot about myself through this process. Tammy is extremely thorough and I can tell that she genuinely believes in what she does and cares about that people that come to see her. The staff is also extremely friendly, i have nothing but good things to say. 10/10 would recommend.

Krystal Wolf (via Google My Business)

I LOVE Tammy … I showed up depressed and stressed … six weeks later I  feel amazing.    She is professional,  kind and knowledgeable.  I would highly recommend Tammy for acupuncture.

Lynn G (via Yelp)

I had my first acupuncture treatment with Melanie. I was was guided step by step in what to expect. Melanie went through my whole medical history and asked specific questions. She was personable, knowledgeable and kind. The 30 minute assessment made me feel comfortable and I felt valued as a customer. The acupuncture was very relaxing, I felt tingling in a few spots and it was a great experience. I definitely will be coming back.

24K Healing (via Google My Business)

I have not experienced acupuncture before so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, the relief I experienced from a repetitive strain injury was beyond amazing. I felt better after the first visit and by the third visit I honestly felt 100% better!!!! The atmosphere is calm and inviting and you really get the sense that Tammy genuinely cares about your health and wellness. She listens to your questions and concerns, and treats each session accordingly. I would highly recommend checking her out!!!

Carlie Cameron (via Google My Business)

Thank you Red Leaf Wellness for the post race rehabilitation! Feeling great and ready to keep training!
Tammy is amazing at what she does and makes you feel completely at ease!

Chauntelle Miller (via Google My Business)

Great experience with results better than what I expected. I will definitely be back for more!

Paul Alvarez (via Facebook)

First time I’ve ever had acupuncture and all I can say is what a wonderful experience it was. Feeling much better and can’t wait to go for more. Highly recommend Red Leaf to anyone that is thinking about acupuncture. Very professional thank you so much see you again soon!

Matt Pare (via Facebook)

Wow, the best ever.  Tammy is so understanding and genuine.  She explains all the reasons for suggested products and treatments when I ask.  I Highly recommend Red Leaf Wellness for getting diet and health, and well being in shape!

Sharon O (via Yelp)

Tammy has been a life changer for me! I came in seeking relief from back/wrist pain and only a few sessions in I can already feel the difference. She always takes her time and makes you feel very comfortable at every session.

Julia Elenbaas (via Google My Business)

Tammy was excellent. Very professional and extremely knowledgeable. She set us on an path to help alleviate the symptom’s of my daughter’s Raynaud’s disease. I truly think with her extensive western medical knowledge it provides a perfect balance with Chinese medicine.

Monica Miller (via Google My Business)

I have never had acupuncture and i chose this location because it was very close to work. I have had multiple mva’s and sports injuries that are interfering with my current fitness goals. I am also diabetic and am beginning to have poorer circulation as i get older. Even after the first visit i could tell that this was a perfect choice. Tammy and her team are absolutely fantastic! She informed me what she was going to be doing so by step and step and why. She continues to go above and beyond my expectations. Now that i have had multiple treatments, my circulation is better, i’m not as cold and and getting results now in the gym. All of her recommendations (diet, fitness and supplementation) are helping immensely and i am very excited for my future treatments. What a difference in a such a short period of time. My hat is off to Tammy and her team, well done and keep up the great work!

William Teibe (via Google My Business)

Tammy is amazing. You will feel really taken care of and I can tell she really tailors each session and your overall treatment to what you need. I was hesitant about acupuncture but after the first session I felt amazing, and have after each session since. I highly recommend Red Leaf Wellness.

Nicole Emblau (via Google My Business)

Tammy was extremely understanding of my fear of needles and helped me through my first session to help combat my stress and anxiety will definitely be back

Rick McLennan (via Facebook)

I’ve had chronic headaches for about 3 years. I have seen many specialists (massage therapists, chiropractors, etc.) And they all helped me, but for a certain period of time only. I heard about acupuncture from a friend so I decided to try it and I went with Red Lead Wellness. I had many treatments and had a great experience at every single one of them. I would recommend this place to everyone. Not only the treatments healed me, but the whole experience was enjoyable. 5/5! Thanks so much to Tammy.

Anthony Bellegarde (via Google My Business)

I came to Red Leaf Wellness about 2 years ago in search of alternative ways to heal & feel better. I cannot say enough about this amazing clinic. The second I walk in the door, I begin to feel better as I hear the beautiful music & smell the lovely essential oils. It is a very healing & calming refuge to step into when you are not feeling well. Everyone is so kind. Tammy puts me at ease right away & listens and responds to my concerns in a way that no other health provider has ever done. She listens so deeply & you feel very “heard”–that alone is therapeutic. And it feels a bit like magic the minute she starts placing the acupuncture needles in. I can feel the pain & stress start to melt away within minutes. I consider Tammy to be a permanent part of my healthcare team & I would highly recommend her & her clinic to anyone who wants to heal & experience complementary approaches to their existing treatment plan.

Ann-Marie Sande (via Google My Business)

Extremely attentive and professional service. Welcoming and peaceful environment. Tammy goes out of her way to provide the highest level of care. I will definitely be going back.

Bryan L (via Yelp)

Tammy Lalonde is a phenomenal acupuncturist. I decided to try it out for the first time and was incredibly apprehensive. Tammy immediately brought ease with her warmth, compassion and dedication to her practice. We went over a detailed comprehensive goal and treatment plan, and Tammy was very thorough. The process itself was very relaxing. I believe acupuncture is an ongoing and necessary part of emotional and physical health and well being. I would highly recommend Tammy to any first timers wanting to take the plunge!

Cerina Griffin (via Google My Business)

Tammy is the best acupuncturist I’ve ever seen! She is the first eastern medical practitioner to truly help me. Her knowledge spans far beyond just acupuncture. She has helped me with herbs, supplements, vitamins, diet, etc. Tammy got me on the right path for true healthy living and has helped my symptoms of fibromyalgia tremendously! She is always doing her best to cater to her patients and really has their best interests at heart. She is one of the most kind, caring people I’ve ever met and I couldn’t recommend her more! If you are in need of relief for pain, stress, insomnia, anything… Do yourself a huge favor and see Tammy.

Sara D (via Yelp)

I went to Tammy because of severe pain in my lower back from a pinched nerve. In just two visits my pain was reduced 80%! Tammy was kind and reassuring during our sessions, and her clinic was lovely and calming too. Thank you Tammy for getting me back on my feet again so quickly!

Alexander DeNeve (via Google My Business)

Tammy is a truly brilliant acupuncturist. She is very caring and compassionate and the level or professionalism she offers is outstanding. She is well versed in both western and eastern medicine and uses the two influences to treat the body as a whole, making her treatments safe and extremely effective. I highly recommend Red Leaf Wellness to anyone who wants/needs quality care in integrative medicine!

Edmonton community, you are very lucky to have Tammy working in your area. She was a true blessing to have here in Orange County, CA and her expertise and magical hands will be greatly missed.

Shannon P (via Yelp)

Tammy you are truly amazing. I can not thank you enough for helping me with my back. I would recommend you to anyone!!

Bonnie Rule (via Facebook)

The Red Leaf team are truly amazing! Great people, environment, and service. I’ve had many sporting injuries treated and my entire family has been frequenting Red Leaf for years and will continue to do so in the future!

Ross Baillie (via Google My Business)

Dr. Sherry Gaudet was absolutely amazing. I will definitely be coming back to Red Leaf Wellness to see her! The treatments I have received have changed me both internally and externally. She is much more than just the person administering the needles, there is so much care and attention put in to the treatment (before, during, and after). Each time I have left Red Leaf I felt like a brand new person, with a refreshed mind, body and soul. I always have her card in my wallet to hand to family, friends, or just anyone looking to try acupuncture.

P.S. there is lots of parking along the street, and the “clinic” is nothing like a regular western clinic, it is like walking into the spa of your dreams… such amazing decor, and great vibes!!!

Samantha Wall (via Google My Business)

This place is amazing. Atmosphere is relaxing. Tammy helped with my knee and shoulder injury. Highly recommended!

Edgar Gutierrez (via Google My Business)

I hurt my back, wasn’t healing on my own and a week before vacation my friend recommended Tammy. I’ve never had acupuncture, was a little afraid of needles but desperate to be rid of pain to enjoy my holiday. Tammy was very gentle, very thorough and professional, she made me feel comfortable immediately. But the best surprise was, after three treatments my pain was gone. I was able to drive 11 hours to the coast, do all the biking and walking we planned on holidays. Amazing!! I would highly recommend Tammy.

Belinda N (via Yelp)

Red leaf wellness is awesome. My back had a sharp pain It was in possible even walk without pain but after my first acupuncture treatment i felt so good so I even could walk without pain and after second treatment i don’t have pain at all. Dr Tammy such a miracle . Thank you so much.?

Yulia McKee (via Google My Business)

My experience with Tammy at Red Leaf has been simply wonderful. After only a few sessions, I saw remarkable improvement – Tammy is a miracle worker!

Sara Brooks (via Google My Business)

I have seen many specialists over the years for back pain relating to a spinal condition and I finally feel that I’ve found the right fit with Red Leaf Wellness. Tammy is fantastic to work with. She is very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. I feel like she genuinely cares about your health, addresses your concerns, and reacts accordingly. Not only has she helped to reduce the pain I feel on a daily basis but through acupuncture my posture has improved, I have more energy and I can sleep better at night. I highly recommend Red Leaf Wellness!

Hayley Lattimore (via Google My Business)

The atmosphere here is so calming and relaxing. Sherry has helped me so much with multiple issues, is very knowledgeable and always makes sure to explain everything in detail to keep me comfortable.

I highly recommend this wonderful place!

Serena M (via Google My Business)

Only pure love for Tammy and all she does/has done for me for the past year! She is so knowledgeable and helpful and best of all, she listens! She takes time to do follow-up before each acupuncture treatment in order to really get a sense of how I am feeling overall. She has a great selection of high-quality vitamins and supplements to offer, the environment is always welcoming and calming, and the staff are super friendly. Red Leaf Wellness has been and will continue to be such an integral part of my holistic health experience, and for that I am so grateful!

Amy Nakaska (via Google My Business)

I was diagnosed with bladder atony by a medical specialist but not offered any ways to relieve my getting up 6 times per night to go to the bathroom. I felt exhausted in the morning. After a few acupuncture treatments I am down to getting up 2 times per night and feeling much better in the morning.

Gordon M (via Yelp)

I would highly recommend Red Leaf Wellness!  I am so impressed by Tammy, her business, and her acupuncture practice.  My experience with her has been amazing!  From the time I walk into the door until I leave, I feel so relaxed and calm.  Tammy has the most calming voice and gentle touch.  I came to her with numbness and pain in my foot and lower back.  Within two days of my first treatment, I am happy to say that the pain is nearly gone.  I will continue to work with her to try and get the feeling back in my foot from my pinched nerve in my back.  I am so happy I found her through Yelp!

Leona L (via Yelp)

Tammy is the best acupuncturist I have ever experienced! She’s also a genuinely caring person, an attentive listener and I feel she truly cares about my well being and helping me be my best healthy self. Thank you, Tammy 🙂

Sandra Hislop (via Google My Business)

Dr Sherry Gaudet has already dramatically improved my quality of life after just a few visits. During a very busy time, treatments by Dr Gaudet made a huge difference in my overall health, energy levels and overcoming debilitating headaches and migraines. I highly recommend Dr Gaudet, not only for her exceptional skills, but for her obvious passion in helping others towards wellness—excelling at patient support and treatment. I will certainly continue to see Dr Gaudet for regular treatments and maintaining my health and overall well-being.

Mary Jo Fell (via Google My Business)

The quality of the service is all top rate. Tammy is warm, attentive and really listens to what your issues are.

Aukje Kapteyn (via Google My Business)

I have been working with Tammy on back pain and early pregnancy, and she is incredible! The office is inviting, her demeanor is so calm and welcoming, and I felt comfortable as soon as I walked in.
I would highly recommend Tammy and the Red Leaf Wellness to anyone who is looking for acupuncture! Originally recommended by a co-worker, I have recommended Tammy to anyone who is struggling with pain management or wanting to get pregnant. Within 6 sessions, the back pain that I have been struggling with for 20 years has gone away. Their recommendations, knowledge and care is superior to other treatments I have explored!

Vanessa Lupus (via Google My Business)

I’d been having neck pain on and off for months before giving acupuncture a try. Tammy was able to relieve the pain and give me back full mobility. Acupuncture is now a regular occurrence for me, and will continue to be, to keep everything pain-free. Thanks!

Sue Ashby (via Google My Business)

Tammy is amazing. I had never tried accupuncture before and was nervous and hesitant but she made the whole experience wonderful. I truly see the benefits in accupuncture now and will continue to see her. She goes above and beyond and is very easy to talk to. I highly recommend her! She does seem to get booked up pretty fast though, so sometimes I can’t get in as soon as I would like but that’s probably due to how effective her work is.

Nicole E (via Yelp)

I have nothing but great things to say about Tammy and her entire staff. I contacted Red Leaf Wellness to seek relief from continuous allergies and Tammy immediately put me at ease by listening carefully to my concerns and by explaining and answering my many questions. It was my first acupuncture experience so I was a bit uncertain of what to expect. I noticed a difference after the first visit and after only a few more sessions I can hardly believe I no longer need to take daily allergy medication. The treatment plan was clearly laid out from the initial visit and was followed with no deviation. Tammy was very personable as was Melanie who covered off one session in Tammy’s absence. I am thrilled with the result and would recommend anyone who suffers from allergies to contact Red Leaf Wellness.

B. Monaghan (via Google My Business)

This is my first experience with acupuncture, and I couldn’t have made a better choice to meet with Tammy. Not only is she knowledgeable, but her compassion and attentiveness is second to none. I always feel like I’m in good hands (literally!) when I see her, and my sleep has improved tremendously. If you are looking for alternative avenues of care, I highly recommend Tammy.

Erin M (via Yelp)

I went to see Tammy after seeing a few other acupuncturists. I was very happy with Tammy. She is very warm and welcoming and gives you a sense of true care. I went to Tammy because I was having trouble conceiving. After 2 months of seeing Tammy I was pregnant. I was on fertility medication at the time as well, but I was told that doing acupuncture in conjunction was very beneficial, and it proved to be! After we found out I was pregnant Tammy was ready to make sure that we kept this baby. She was invested in me and I couldn’t be more thankful. She has also helped me with my bad shoulder in which I have been suffering for years with. Tammy is great and I will continue seeing her. Thank-you Tammy, and your wonderful team!

Sarah Ewanchuk (via Google My Business)

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